April 12, 2012:

TesTrac.com Announces Large-Scale Hardware Upgrade

Burnsville, Minn. TesTrac.com, Ltd, a world leader in online testing, announces a large-scale capital investment that expands its already robust network capabilities even further. The capital improvements, totaling nearly $425,000, represent the largest one-time investment to date in enhancing TesTrac.com's test delivery system.

“This upgrade is in conjuction with the release of Version 11 of our testing engine,” said TesTrac.com president Doug Odell. “As part of that software upgrade, we wanted to dramatically improve our hardware.” One of the big changes with TesTrac.com's new testing engine will be seen in response time and load balancing, an improvement that requires enhancements in both software and hardware.

“In the past,” said Odell, “everything was based on the IP address. So if 1,000 users from one testing center all logged on at once, they'd all hit one server at the same time. With our new hardware and software, that load is balanced across the entire network.” This means that TesTrac.com is able to deploy a fast, consistent service regardless of the number of concurrent connections. “This will improve the percentage of completed test attempts,” said Odell, “Right now we have a 99%-plus completion rate; our new engine will go even higher.”
The new network is highly scalable, too, and Odell thinks the number of concurrent users could also climb.“I believe we're the only testing company in the world that has this technology,” said Odell. “Our upgrades are revolutionary.”

The benefit to users comes not just in terms of system performance. Enhanced security is another big advantage of the new network. The new equipment is housed in a data center in St. Paul operated by Sungard Availability Services, which boasts a Tier 4 data center rating from the Uptime Institute. This ensures the highest available reliability, security and stability. “The data center has 24/7 staffing, support and intense digital security. It just made the most sense for our customers and our company,” said Odell. “This means I can tell my customers that their proprietary data is safely stored on my secured servers, and not in a public cloud.”


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