April 25, 2011:

Breakthroughs in Online Testing

Burnsville, Minn.  – TesTrac.com, Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has added new features to its robust online test delivery system: essay questions, crystal-clear equations, and table display. Prior to TesTrac.com's groundbreaking development, long-form essay questions couldn't easily be delivered online, because tests were set to time out when there was a period of test-taker inactivity. And most testing companies shied away from algebra, chemistry, and business math exams because of the complex equations involved, which use Latin and Greek characters and font styles that aren't easily translatable into HTML. They also typically rendered tables as static, low-resolution images.

“You can't use most equation editors with HTML,” says Doug Odell, president of TesTrac.com. “That means equations are usually delivered as images, which sucks up bandwidth, slows down delivery speeds, and jacks up test prices. You have the same problem delivering tables.” TesTrac.com's new process allows tables and most equations to be delivered in HTML; others are re-created as images that are completely scalable, so they have excellent clarity no matter what size they are. “We just created an algebra test in a day and a half in which 60% of the questions were delivered in HTML, and the remainder in graphics that were perfectly clear but optimized for quick delivery. The tables were created in a fixed-width format that matches test provider's existing paper exams,” says Odell.

Essay questions have long posed a problem as well. Test takers wind up with a great deal of inactive time as they read questions, analyze the text, and compose their answers. “Now we offer essay questions that take up to 4 hours to read and answer,” says Odell. “The test-takers don't get locked out, and they have the freedom to read carefully and respond thoughtfully. They don't have to deal with connectivity issues anymore.”

These new question types are integrated seamlessly into TesTrac.com's existing test delivery system, which reliably administers time-limited and time-tracked tests on any subject, in almost any language, delivered securely to the test-taker’s computer.

“These are the types of test questions that most test delivery companies don't want to do,” says Odell. “And when they do take them on, it takes them a long time. Their development timeline is measured in months; ours is measured in weeks or even days.”

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