July 22, 2015:

TesTrac.com Launches First-Ever Simulation Test Items

Burnsville, Minn. – TesTrac.com, Ltd, a world leader in online testing, is pleased to announce that it has developed a new feature for testing options, one that is unique in the industry. The new function offers lifelike simulations, creating new testing options for any field that requires instrument use or calibration. The new feature integrates perfectly with version 12 of TesTrac Online, TesTrac.com's state-of-the-art online testing development and deployment engine.

For example, the simulation allows for a lifelike representation of optometrist's tools. “Test takers might have a question about adjusting a lensometer,” said Doug Odell, TesTrac.com president. “They'll have a lifelike simulator of the equipment, with the same dials and other adjustments, all of which work just like they do in real life.” The exam item tests for the candidate's knowledge in adjusting the equipment just like they'd have to in an exam room. “This kind of test item could come into play for a large number of professions,” added Doug Odell. He envisions this type of test as revolutionary not just for optometry, but also radiology, architecture, ultrasound operators—almost any field that requires making adjustments to a piece of equipment. “We put the equipment in front of the test candidates and they use their mouse to make adjustments. You can see the dials turn, switches flip, everything,” said Doug Odell.

The programming that allows these simulations is far from simple. “Simulations are a very complex item type,” explained Doug Odell. “TesTrac is taking the first step in implementation. These simulations are executable files, and TesTrac is now able to implement a simulation executable within TesTrac Online version 12 with no impact on TesTrac Online code.” This means TesTrac's customers and test-takers are unaffected by any use of a simulation within a test. “Phase 2 will expand TesTrac's capabilities to allow a candidate to make settings to the simulation and then capture those settings, identifying them as correct or incorrect, and then score the item accordingly.”

The new simulation effect can be paired with any of TesTrac Online's usual test items: true/false questions, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc. “This type of simulation really enhances the questions, and adds a lot of depth, both to the test question itself and to the user, who gets a much more lifelike experience,” said Doug Odell. The new simulation fits in perfectly with the long list of improvements and enhancements TesTrac.com has been making to its testing engine. “TesTrac.com is the only company offering anything like this,” said Doug Odell, with no small amount of pride in his voice. “This takes testing to a whole new level.”

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