August 25, 2014: Extends Partnership with B-Virtual

Burnsville, Minn. –, Ltd, a world leader in online testing, has extended its collaboration with B-Virtual Inc., a global leader in online proctoring services. The agreement furthers the relationship between the two companies, one that has been developed over two years and more than three thousand tests as they worked together on TesTrac's College Network of online test offerings. For these tests, builds the tests, enrolls the candidates, assigns and delivers the tests, then records and reports candidate scores. B-Virtual provides online proctoring services, delivered via webcam, that ensure the security and integrity of the tests and results.

“It only made sense to extend our arrangement,” said Doug Odell, president. “We've been impressed by B-Virtual and their level of services over the last two years, and we want to make that high level of service available to all of our customers and test candidates.”

Odell added that he sees webcam proctoring services as the future of testing. “It's part of a general shift away from traditional brick-and-mortar locations,” he said. “The candidate reserves a test and time, then rather than going to a physical test facility, they go through B-Virtual, who monitors the candidate and creates audio and video recordings of the complete test attempt.” This is more convenient for test-takers, who don't have to commute to a testing facility, which at times can require a long drive. “It's a win on price, too,” added Odell. “It's more cost-effective for the sponsoring organization, the candidate's employer, and for the candidate as well. They don't have to pay for an office building, classroom and an in-person proctor.” This also reduces the opportunity cost to the employer and the candidate, eliminating work time lost to a commute and ensuring that time spent taking the test works well for employer and candidate.

After the tests, the certification body can review the recording of the test itself just as easily as they can review candidate scores. “This is every bit as secure and reliable as going to a testing center,” said Odell. “The only difference is it's more convenient and less expensive for everyone involved.”


Since 1998, Minnesota-based has used its proprietary, flexible, customizable online delivery system to facilitate testing for any subject, in almost any language, to web browsers across the globe. TesTrac Online offers a wide array of administrative, security, and data mining tools, ensuring each test is clear, accessible, and tightly controlled.
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About B-Virtual

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, B-Virtual Inc. is a global leader in online proctoring services. B-Virtual works with higher education institutions to custom create virtual proctoring solutions. Our superior technology allows students to take exams online in a live proctored and secure environment, from the comfort of their homes. B-Virtual’s strong foundation in technical and LMS support provides both institutions and their students with trusted live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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